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Toilet Services RandburgToilet Services Randburg, a plumbing service brought to you by Plumber Randburg. Toilets are one of the most common plumbing problems with homes and businesses. Not only can a problem with a toilet cause an embarrassment. It can also be an inconvenience. Working toilets are an important part to our everyday life.

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That’s why at Plumber Randburg, our experienced and professional plumbing teams. Provide various Toilet Services in Randburg including. Toilet Installations in Randburg and Toilet Repairs in Randburg. From Installing a New Toilet in your home or offices. To your Toilet, Not Flushing the way it should or at all. Blocked Toilets. Flushing Mechanism and Cisterns Not Refilling up with water. We’re ready to help you so Contact Plumber Randburg or call 082-550-3306 now. We’re members of the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA). And the Plumbing Industry Registration Board of South Africa (PIRB).

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    How Toilets Work

    The Inner Workings Of How Toilets Work

    Toilets work by either pulling on a handle or pressing on a button. This then lifts the stopper, flapper or tank ball. Allowing water from the tank to flow through the flush valve into the toilet. Forcing wastewater down the main drain. Then when the flapper valve closes. Water will flow through the fill valve or ballcock and fill the tank. Then when the tanks filled, the float mechanism on the ballcock will turn off the water.

    Randburg Toilet Services

    Toilet Installations Randburg

    Toilet InstallationsToilet Installations Randburg. Whether you need a New Toilet Installed in Randburg or an old Toilet Replaced in Randburg . We can help you! We install all kinds of toilets whatever the brand. Our Randburg Toilet Installation Services include. Installing Wall Hanging Pan Toilets with Concealed Cisterns. Concealed Toilet Pan Installations. Dual Top Flush Toilet Installations. Front Flush Toilet Installations and Wall Hanging Toilet Installations in Randburg .

    Toilet Repairs Randburg

    Toilet RepairsToilet Repairs Randburg. From Blocked or Clogged Toilets in Randburg. To Leaking Toilets in Randburg and Faulty Toilet Parts. We offer various Randburg Toilet Repair Services including. Unblocking Toilets. Pan Seal Repair. Cistern Mechanism and Flushing Mechanism. Toilet Seat Replacements and Toilet Bowel Repairs in Randburg. Many times it’s better to Replace Toilets, than it is to Repair Toilets. Let us help you make the best choice.

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    Sigs Of Toilet Problems

    Warning SignBlocked Toilet

    One of the most common plumbing problems we encounter daily is. Clogged, Blocked Toilets. This is due to various reasons including. Flushing sanitary towels down the toilet. Too much toilet paper and children’s toys.

    Warning SignToilet Overflows

    When a toilet overflows, it’s caused by one of two factors. Either a blocked toilet drain. Or a broken toilet flush mechanism which needs replacement.

    Warning SignCold Water When Flushing

    Does this happen to you? When you take a shower and someone has flushed the toilet. And you find yourself showering in cold water. This is a common problem for older homes caused by old pipes and plumbing systems.

    Warning SignLeaking Toilet Bowl

    If you find water gathering on the floor around the toilet. You need to have this fixed. This is either caused by a cracked toilet base. Or an old, worn out pan seal.

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